Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Washing clothes

Washing clothes is different here in California compared to Northern Ireland.

Washing machines are much bigger here. You can put a lot more clothes in for a given wash.

They use a lot more water too (at least, I think they do), which is odd for a country where you have to pay through the nose for water.

Washing machines here in California don't heat water on the fly: they just assume you have a constant supply of hot water. In the UK, all new washing machines are cold fill: it's basically impossible now to buy a dual-fill washing machine. (Which is annoying if you have solar hot water!)

And they're much quicker: a wash here takes less than an hour. Maybe a lot less. Washing machines in NI will run for, like, three hours if you let them.

And I don't know if it's the washing powder or the time taken, but washing machines here just don't get clothes as clean as they do at home.

I miss our washing machine in Dromara.

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