Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tesco and supermarkets in California

One of the things I used to really like about living in the UK was the supermarkets, especially Tesco.

It's probably just me rather than something inherent to UK supermarkets, but in my memories, of all the things you can get in tesco, they're all reasonably cheap, nothing is egregiously overpriced.

Here, there are lots of different supermarkets, and they all seem really *expensive*. Sometimes, outrageously so.

I do reckon, though, that it's probably just me. I'm used to getting the sorts of things I'm used to getting, and those sorts of things are just expensive here.

Things like smelly cheese, nice bread, butter, cheap natural yoghurt.... I'm used to them being dead cheap in Tesco and Sainsbury. Here, there not. Well, butter isn't *too* expensive (but I suspect "grass-fed" butter is. I mean, what? Anyway, that's a rant for another day.)

I imagine people moving from the USA to the UK have the same problem: the things they're *used* to are expensive, and they haven't adapted to liking things that aren't out-of-this-world expensive yet.

I'll get there. And the move back to the UK - if and when - will probably be much more traumatic! (e.g. But But But Mars bars are only supposed to cost 25p???!!!!!)

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