Monday, 25 October 2010


We get the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle delivered at the weekends. One of them comes thursday through Sunday; the other, Friday through Sunday.

I think it cost $20 for each of them for, like, three months of subscription.

The only problem is we get huge volumes of newspapers and ads to wade through every week. There's lots of duplication, and we just end up putting most of it straight into recycling, and reading some of it.

I really miss newspapers in the UK: fantastic selection in every garage/newsagent. Newspapers is definitely one of the things the UK does really, really well. But one doesn't tend to get, like, *overwhelmed* by newspapers like what happens here. I guess subscribing to newspapers is odd and weird in NI.

It's a shame they're dying. I miss The Times' crossword. (On physical paper, of course.) I miss the letters page in the Times. Also the Irish Times. I hope they'll all still be alive if/when I get back.

I don't miss the belfast telegraph.

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