Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Drying clothes

In Ireland, every house has a washing line out the back. Or, at least, *some* method of drying clothes when it's a "grand drying day". Many houses have "tumble dryers", but not all. And using them, although it is convenient, feels slightly wrong. And if the weather is even slightly conducive to drying clothes outside (which, I should point out, it rarely is), we prefer to dry clothes naturally.

In California, *nobody* dries clothes outside. I think it's considered Just Not The Done Thing. Which is ridiculous in a country where it never rains (I'm typing this on the first miserably proper wet Irish-Summer day of the California winter). So everybody - including us - dries their clothes indoors. Oh well.

In fairness, dryers are very good. Our dryer here is much better than our dryer at home. Not sure why. Maybe because it's a lot bigger.

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