Saturday, 23 October 2010

Nice baps!

Something I miss about NI is being able to buy nice bread cheaply.

There are lots of wee bakeries around that sell crusty baps, lovely and soft on the inside. Mmmm. We used to live opposite one on the Antrim road - just past Duncairn gardens. (It's one of just a handful of things I miss about living in North Belfast...)

And then there are supermarkets, which sell baguettes and flippin' *lovely* breads. Even though these are half-baked before they get to the supermarkets, they're still darn fine. But the point is that they're all pretty cheap.

Here in California, it *is* possible to get hold of decent bread, but it's darned expensive. But even half-decent bread - par-baked, moderately tasty, with an ingredient list that isn't outrageously long - is hard to get and Not Cheap.

And I miss going to the supermarket an hour before closing and buying all the bread that's marked down to less than half-price (and freezing it). They don't seem to do that here.

Hmmm, I see a theme in all the things I miss about NI: anything I prefer about NI, I only miss it because it's dearer or slightly less convenient here. :-)

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