Friday, 8 October 2010

Getting tags from the DMV

I posted off the form (with payment) near the end of August to get new tags for our car. (The old ones at the end of August.)

It's now early October and they haven't arrived yet.

They haven't even cashed the check yet!

I could go to one of the their offices ... but it could take hours just to talk to somebody who can't help me.

I could ring them, but I'll be on hold for at least an hour ... and will probably end up talking to somebody who can't help me.

In the end I checked their website again and it says (something like) "if your tags haven't arrived within eight weeks, contact us again.".

Eight weeks???!!!!

But it also says that if you get hassled by the police for not having up-to-date tags, it's ok: so long as you sent off payment for the tags, you're covered.

Gotta love it.

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