Thursday, 7 October 2010


It has just rained.

It's early october here in Silicon Valley [0], I still wear shorts most of the time, we still have our summer duvet on our bed, and it still gets lovely and sunny and warm when the sun shines.

Yesterday was a cloudy, slightly chilly day. And Irish person (like me) might wonder if maybe it was time to put on long trousers, or maybe socks.

(Of course, the natives are all commenting out how *cold* it is. Bless.)

But yesterday it rained. It was just a slight smattering. Irish people would hardly notice. The ground had a slight smear of water on it after the "rain" had passed.

Apparently this is what winter is like. Chilly, often not sunny, warm during the day, occasional rain. It sounds just like the season I used to call summer!

[0] I imagine it's early october in other places too...

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