Monday, 18 October 2010

October Rain

It's raining today.

The weather forecast earlier in the week said it would rain today, but I just laughed. Yeah, right.

Turns out it was serious.

But some perspective is in order. Here in California, it's almost late October. October!

And it's rained properly for the first time since spring.

I found myself feeling a little bit chilly. Exactly like a (normal) wet July or August day in Derry, Donegal or Dromara. But - get this! - I then noticed that I was damp (from being out walking in the rain), I was wearing shorts, and nothing on my feet. And I was feeling a little bit chilly.


Turns out that autumn ("fall") here is a *lot* like summer in Ireland. (Only it gets hotter here, and doesn't rain as much.)

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