Friday, 26 November 2010

Car rant

Our Mazda MPV annoys me. We've flattened the battery maybe five times now. It's starting to get silly.

It's always something we've done wrong: like leaving an inside light on, or not closing a door properly or something. But ... but, between us we've got, like, well over thirty years of driving experience, and we've had more flat batteries in the past three months than in all that time. It can't *just* be us, can it?

And while I'm on the subject, bottom-of-the-range cars in the US really do lack the most basic things: our car doesn't even have a trip counter. It just has one mileage display. One. That's it. I've never owned a car that didn't have a second, easily resettable one. Now I do. I like it, it's a nice car, and in the US it's fairly small (at home it'd be pretty big though!), but it's kinda basic.

(Update 2012-08-14: the battery thing was easily fixed by just replacing the battery. And the car does have a trip counter. I just needed to press a button. Duh. It's still a pretty basic car, but we like it more and more as time goes by.)

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