Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hot weather? At the end of September?

At the time of writing (the end of septmber), we're experiencing something of a heatwave here in Northern California.

During the day it gets up to a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. That's hotter than body temperature. It's surprisingly pleasant, provided you always have the option of retreating indoors to blessed, sweet AC. (We don't have AC at home...)

But it's always pleasantly chilly in the morning: windows left open mean cold rooms when you get up.

Hot weather observations:

o You think the AC in your car isn't working very well, 'cos you're still a little hot and bothered ... until you get out of the car and The Wall Of Heat hits you.

o You might not even realise how hot it is if you go into work early (before nine) ... even if you cycle, perhaps especially if you cycle ... and don't go outside during the day. When eventually you head out to go home, you get hit by The Wall Of Heat.

o Cycling through The Wall Of Heat isn't as much fun as you'd think: it's quite tiring to cycle in hot, hot weather. Better to cycle in the chilly cool of morning.

o The children don't really mind The Wall Of Heat.

o People talk about the weather here: mostly because the summer was "funny", and "not a proper summer"; but also because this indian summer (?) isn't entirely expected.

o I'd like a swimming pool.

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